stl wedding

Justin+Meghann. by Stephanie Bannon

You know what I loved about this couple? I loved how much they had fun with each other. They laughed and truly had a good time together. I also loved how relaxed and easy going they were. The wedding party was hungry so they just walked to the gas station across from the church and came back with bags of food. The bride’s feet hurt so she took off her shoes during pictures. Any issue that a rose they solved with flexibility and a smile. Their goal was to get married and enjoy the ride and that’s exactly what they did. They were a super team and they worked together to make their day a success! Congratulations you two!

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Meredith+Scott. by Stephanie Bannon

I love detail shots, and I especially love them when we can incorporate them with something meaningful to the couple. In this case, we used the willow tree in the back yard that had been dug up out of the bride's grandparent's yard and placed in the bride's parents yard. Its a special tree and I'm so glad the mother of the bride shared the story with us.  

The couple got married in a super pretty church downtown. Smiles plastered their face's though out the ceremony. These two couldn't have been more excited. Part of Meredith's 4th grade class also attended the wedding and Scott's Uncle married them. 

After the ceremony we headed off to Busch Stadium and Forest Park for pictures. The wedding party was large but they were the sweetest bunch ever. We found a PERFECT little nook in Forest Park and these guys ROCKED their photo time. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. :) For real.

After pictures we zoomed over to the gorgeous Crowne Plaza in Clayton. It was the perfect venue. Beautiful in every way and every detail was perfectly executed. Meredith and Scott your day was perfect from beginning to end and you have some of the sweetest people around cheering you on. Congratulations to you both!

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Shawn+Lisa. by Stephanie Bannon

There is nothing I like more then a bride who values comfort. For real. This couple made a  super good choice when they picked some good ol' Converse to wear on their wedding day. The wedding party was pretty excited about it too. These two were as cool as their shoes. They were calm and totally had fun. . .like all day.

They picked the windiest April day EVER to get married on, but they rolled with it and all worked out perfect. Other then the 50mph winds the weather was perfect and so were their attitudes. Busch Stadium was a blast. I'm pretty sure the wedding party took a million selfies and the pictures and experience there was a treat for everyone.

After getting to know the wedding party a bit I knew the reception was going to be a blast. The toasts were the best and smiles were glued on everyone's faces. This couple is so loved. Congratulations you two! Your day was perfect.

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