stephanie bannon photography

Reed. by Stephanie Bannon

What a sweetheart. Meet Reed. He has the best serious face around, and does a whole lot of thinking. His little wrinkles are perfect  and he has a serious love for his hands. Congratulations you two, this thing called parenthood looks good on you!

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Jason+Steffany. by Stephanie Bannon

Pere Marquette is the perfect wedding venue! Its beautiful in every way. Jason and Steffany got married at the end of March. It drizzled on and off all day but the thunderstorms managed to hold off until right after the ceremony began. 

One of the things they were most excited about was their first look. They had no idea what the other person was wearing but Steffany knew Jason was going to be rocking a custom made suit. Their expressions were priceless and they soaked up every second of it. They even included a little champagne. :)

The ceremony took place in the main lodge and the reception location was right down the hall. Their family and friends surrounded them as they said their vows. The thunder boomed and the rain fell hard. These two couldn't have cared less. They were married and it was party time! Congratulations you two. Your day was perfection.

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Mitch+Amanda by Stephanie Bannon

There's nothing I love more then a couple that works well together and is up for anything. These two had smiles on their face's the entire time! I couldn't ask for a better couple!

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Matt+Kristen+Ann+Kate. by Stephanie Bannon

Holy moly! These girls are growing up. It is such an honor to take pictures for families over the years and these guys have been around since Kate was a born. Thanks for enduring the heat and trusting me year to year. It is an honor.

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Meredith+Scott. by Stephanie Bannon

I love detail shots, and I especially love them when we can incorporate them with something meaningful to the couple. In this case, we used the willow tree in the back yard that had been dug up out of the bride's grandparent's yard and placed in the bride's parents yard. Its a special tree and I'm so glad the mother of the bride shared the story with us.  

The couple got married in a super pretty church downtown. Smiles plastered their face's though out the ceremony. These two couldn't have been more excited. Part of Meredith's 4th grade class also attended the wedding and Scott's Uncle married them. 

After the ceremony we headed off to Busch Stadium and Forest Park for pictures. The wedding party was large but they were the sweetest bunch ever. We found a PERFECT little nook in Forest Park and these guys ROCKED their photo time. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. :) For real.

After pictures we zoomed over to the gorgeous Crowne Plaza in Clayton. It was the perfect venue. Beautiful in every way and every detail was perfectly executed. Meredith and Scott your day was perfect from beginning to end and you have some of the sweetest people around cheering you on. Congratulations to you both!

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Anand+Jessica+Devin. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh. My. Goodness. Could this little guy be any more cute!?! He is 8 months old and as sweet as they come. Mom brought along a hat, which I love, and we were able to keep it on just long enough to get a few pictures in it, which happen to be my favorite. Super idea! You guys got a sweet one! 

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Rob+Nicole+Chloe+Charlotte+Violet. by Stephanie Bannon

Its been a while since I've seen these guys. They've added a new member to their family and the two oldest have turned into little ladies. These three were full of energy and about as silly as they come. They played, picked up a stick or two and hopefully had a little fun. ;) There's nothing better then being a carefree kid. Thanks for the fun afternoon you guys were great!

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Eric+Bonnie+Logan+Carson. by Stephanie Bannon

Holy moly these guys rocked it! For real. Usually when I do sessions with this family the heat is crazy, the humidity is stiffeling or the rain clouds are lingering. AND we've done a lot of sessions. :) This time the weather was perfect and the boys were on their A game. Job well done!

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Doug+Linda+Emily+Ethan. by Stephanie Bannon

These guys are the best! Like seriously. They where sweet and kind and entirely too funny. Ethan and I could have played boo for hours and Emily can make the best faces! Great job you guys!

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Shawn+Lisa. by Stephanie Bannon

There is nothing I like more then a bride who values comfort. For real. This couple made a  super good choice when they picked some good ol' Converse to wear on their wedding day. The wedding party was pretty excited about it too. These two were as cool as their shoes. They were calm and totally had fun. . .like all day.

They picked the windiest April day EVER to get married on, but they rolled with it and all worked out perfect. Other then the 50mph winds the weather was perfect and so were their attitudes. Busch Stadium was a blast. I'm pretty sure the wedding party took a million selfies and the pictures and experience there was a treat for everyone.

After getting to know the wedding party a bit I knew the reception was going to be a blast. The toasts were the best and smiles were glued on everyone's faces. This couple is so loved. Congratulations you two! Your day was perfect.

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Chris. by Stephanie Bannon

I'm not going to lie. High school senior guys are hard. I mean, what teenage guy really wants to come have me boss him around in front of a camera for an hour. Chris, on the other hand, was so easy. He's got a killer personality and was super fun! We even got to sneak in a few pictures of his smokin' hot car. :)

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Matt+Janice+Andrew+Sara. by Stephanie Bannon

If there was ever a smile that could make you melt, this girl's got it. Her eyes and smile are about the sweetest thing around. Her brother Andrew brought along his ball and glove and told me all his T-Ball stories. These two couldn't be more or a delight!

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Rich+Jessie+Ivy+Jett. by Stephanie Bannon

This post I'm going to let speak for itself. I have no words for it, except for its a beauty in so many ways. 

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Audrey. by Stephanie Bannon

These guys have got to be one of my favorite families. The first time I met these guys Luke (the oldest) was just turning one. He was snotty and it was freezing but we were determined to get one year pictures. It has been so fun to watch their family grow and I'm honored they have let me have a little peek into their lives. Happy 6 month birthday to Miss Audrey! You are about as sweet as they come!

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Ben. by Stephanie Bannon

May is bringing some big changes to this family. Ben is going to be graduating from high school, which is super exciting. Best of luck to you Ben! Enjoy every minute of it!

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Family. by Stephanie Bannon

Talk about a perfect April day! These guys couldn't have had a prettier day. The kids had a blast running around and we had a great time watching them. There was even a little playground time at the end!

Ken+Lauren. by Stephanie Bannon

Meet Ken and Lauren. They are super. They got married four years ago on a rainy April day. Their wedding a blast, they know how to party. :) Marriage looks good on these two. For real. Thanks for hanging with me. . .again.

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John+Jess+Emmett. by Stephanie Bannon

This boy! It's pretty special when a couple trusts you to photograph a wedding, a birth, their newborn and 1st birthday! I've gotten to see these two fall in love with this little boy and they could not be more delighted with him. He is an absolute doll and has the brightest smile around. Congratulations you two! You've rocked this parenthood thing! Oh, and that super perfect cake...was made by the SugarBot Sweet Shop in St. Charles. 

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Matt+Kristen+Kate+Ann. by Stephanie Bannon

What cuties! These two could not have been more fun. Kate was a little ball of energy and we had the best conversations, like always. She's a great big sister and knows just the right sounds to make her sister smile. . .and everyone else too :)  Ann was a trooper and endured the wind and chilly temps. She couldn't have done better. 

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