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Michael+Stephanie. by Stephanie Bannon

I’ve got news for you guys. IF you choose to have a March wedding it will probably rain, AND THAT’S NOT A BAD THING!!! This wedding day was beautiful and it rained from beginning to end. We made a plan, we changed the plan, AND it worked out AMAZING. I’m getting pretty good at this rainy day thing, if I do say so myself. 😉 We had a super day from the beginning to the very end….AND I’m pretty sure everyone else did too!

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Westin Hotel in St. Louis. The rooms were simple and modern and had plenty of room for everyone. We also had an amazing view of Busch Stadium. Everyone had a blast hanging out and prepping for the day. After a quick lunch everyone regrouped and headed downstairs for the ceremony. Family and friends gathered and Stephanie and Michael were soon married!

Because of the dropping cold temperatures and constant rain we opted for covered, easy to get to locations. We used areas around the hotel, a beautiful local seminary and the super hip Urban Chestnut Brewery to do the family and wedding party pictures….AND they did not disappoint.

The night concluded at the Anheuser Busch Bier Garden. It was the perfect venue! Before we entered the beautiful room Stephanie and Michael had a little fun with some Champagne bottles and their friends in front of the famous “B”! I’ve never seen champagne spray so well. 😂 The room had the most perfect string lights and couldn’t have been more perfect. The day was truly a day to be remembered! Congratulations you two!!

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From the Bride: “Hiring Stephanie (and Micah) as our wedding photographer was the best decision we made throughout the whole wedding planning process. I was immediately taken with Stephanie's talent for photography. The flawless way she transforms intimate moments into beautiful lasting images is unparalleled. BUT Stephanie was more than just our photographer. She went above and beyond what I ever could have asked from her. She always had on hand the small things that were needed, whether it be umbrellas, hand warmers, or much needed advice on how to bustle a dress! She was the driver of the day keeping our families and wedding party on time and happy for photos, even a very tired and grumpy ring bearer was laughing and smiling for pictures! She worked with me to make a timeline and for the day including places we would stop for pictures. However it rained ALL day, but before I even had time to panic or think about alternatives Stephanie already had a list of places we would go instead and I knew I could trust her judgement fully. If you are looking for a photographer that is all that and more, Stephanie is your girl!” ~Stephanie Hoffman

Tracy+Ryan. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh man, these two are the cutest. It’s always fun to do sessions at locations I’m not super familiar with. It forces me to think and really be looking for the best spots. When we did this session it was SO windy and chilly outside and the greenhouses were really packed. The light was beautiful and so was the location, which left us with some little challenges, BUT challenges make things better. Tracy and Ryan were so patient and trusting. We came up with a game plan and everything turned out perfectly. Their June wedding is going to be a blast! I can’t wait!

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Justin+Meghann. by Stephanie Bannon

You know what I loved about this couple? I loved how much they had fun with each other. They laughed and truly had a good time together. I also loved how relaxed and easy going they were. The wedding party was hungry so they just walked to the gas station across from the church and came back with bags of food. The bride’s feet hurt so she took off her shoes during pictures. Any issue that a rose they solved with flexibility and a smile. Their goal was to get married and enjoy the ride and that’s exactly what they did. They were a super team and they worked together to make their day a success! Congratulations you two!

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Diane+Matt. by Stephanie Bannon

If I only had one word to describe this wedding I’d have to say classic. Every single detail was classy and beautiful. It fit this couple perfectly. The day started at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown St. Louis. All the staff were super helpful which helped the day run smoothly.

The ceremony took place at a beautiful church a few miles away. Diane and Matt chose to not see each other before the ceremony so everyone could hardly wait for Diane to make her appearance. The looks her and her Dad gave each other were priceless as they entered the church and Matt tried to patiently wait for her to make it down the long aisle.

After the ceremony we did pictures right outside of the Magnolia Hotel. The wedding parties’ colors looked AMAZING with the teal doors and Diane surprised Matt with a classic car for their transportation for the day. It couldn’t have looked more magazine worthy parked in front of the hotel. SO CLASSIC.

The evening ended at the Magnolia Hotel and even had a surprise guest arrive. Diane was so surprised when her favorite singer, Celine Dion arrived, she couldn’t help but put on a little performance with her! 😜 The reception was a blast and it was clear that Diane and Matt are so so loved by all their family and friends. It was a night to remember! Congratulations you two!

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Caitlyn+Trent. by Stephanie Bannon

The perfect spring day welcomed this wedding. The sun was shinning and the ground was dry which was a nice change in this 2018 spring. Silver Oaks Chateau was ready for the festivities to begin and so was Caitlyn and Trent.

The ceremony took place on the back patio and these two were married by Caitlyn's brother. 

Caitlyn and Trent were referred to me by several of their closest friends, whose weddings I photographed, which is always a huge compliment.  (So a huge THANK YOU to them!) It also makes the day so much fun! This group was a blast and full of laughs.

The night ended with a beautifully decorated reception that was filled with family and friends. These two couldn't be more loved. Congratulations you two!

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Oh baby. by Stephanie Bannon

Welcome to this world little guy! I'm pretty sure your family couldn't be more in love!

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Family. by Stephanie Bannon

These guys have been on the blog a lot lately! :) There was a new baby in December and a wedding a year before that. The cousins and in laws were all included and I'm pretty sure these guys couldn't like each other more! 

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Eric+Bonnie+Logan+Carson. by Stephanie Bannon

Brothers! These two have the best smiles and couldn't have made this session more fun. We played and laughed and it flew by! What fun!

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Matt+Liz+Amos. by Stephanie Bannon

Boy, oh, boy this little guy is a sweetie. It took a little bit for him to warm up but once he did there was no stopping his curiosity and that cute little smile! We had a blast hanging out and it's always fun to see this bunch. Happy birthday little guy!

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Liz+Tyler. by Stephanie Bannon

Meet Liz and Tyler. These two opted for a first look and it was just about the sweetest thing ever. Nerves began to flare up but once they saw each other their excitement was contagious and they were ready to get the day going.

Their wedding took place at the Holiday Inn in Eureka. The hotel was huge and had a castle like feel. The day was cold and dreary but nothing was going to get these two down. 

There was a huge beautiful field behind the hotel and although spring hadn't quite sprung the colors were gorgeous. It rained the entire day so overhangs and umbrellas were our best friends and this group had smiles on their faces the entire time. 

The ceremony was a blast! The kids were rockin' the dance floor and everyone was having a super time; even grandma. I'm pretty sure these two could be surrounded and loved by a better group. Congratulations you two!

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Joe+Rose+Savannah+RJ. by Stephanie Bannon

These guys right here are pretty fun! I remember pulling up at this family's home for Savannah's newborn session. She was itty bitty. It's crazy how fast time sneaks by. Since that session there has been a lot of changes; a brother and a new home, just to name a few. Watching people grow and change is one of the best parts about this job. I get to see a little part of their story and that is always and honor.

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Katherine+Jeff. by Stephanie Bannon

During Jeff's spring break we were able to fit in an engagement session AND they couldn't have gotten a prettier day! I love finally meeting and getting to know couples a little bit before their wedding day. I mean, who wants a stranger in their face all day. :) Well, these to were so fun and they were so fun together. I can't wait for their June wedding! OH, and Jeff, that first picture up on the top left is just for you! 😉 Congratulations you two, I'll see you in June!

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Kris+Shannon+Evie+Olivia. by Stephanie Bannon

Happy Birthday to Olivia! Holy Moly did her cake smell good! We started off at this family's home and then we ventured off to the great outdoors for a change of scenery. It just so happened to be the one "almost" warm day in March. 😉 These two cuties had some ups and downs but man those smiles and cuddles that came hand in hand were pretty priceless. Happy birthday sweet girl!

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Stephanie+Michael. by Stephanie Bannon

Holy Moly, does Stephanie look smokin' hot in front of that graffiti wall!?! Why yes, YES she DOES! These two were a blast! The day went from grey clouds and drizzle to a sunny almost warm day. We tromped around downtown and enjoyed the sun! These two are rocking the wedding planning and are getting married March of 2019! Congratulations!

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Diane+Matt. by Stephanie Bannon

Boy, did we get lucky! These two flew in from Atlanta for their weekend engagement session and got a perfect day! We had planned on the session being around the Art museum but a big event had us changes plans. These two were super flexible and rolled with the changes. . .and it turned out perfect! Congratulations you two! Can't wait for your September wedding!

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Liz+Tyler. by Stephanie Bannon

When the wedding day is one month away there is no time for rescheduling. . .so instead we embraced the downpour and ROCKED it!. :) With some good attitudes and umbrellas anything is possible! Right guys!?!? Can't wait for your big day. . .it's SO close! 😁

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Chelsea+Jacob. by Stephanie Bannon

This January wedding did not disappoint. It was a beautiful day! We were hoping for a snow storm but you can't win them all. 

The ceremony took place at the Jewel Box in Forest Park. It was gorgeous like always. See that perfect archway they got married in front of?!? Jacob made it AND it was covered in the most perfect flowers from Sister Floral Design.

HOLY MOLY! SUPER AMAZING LIGHT!!! 😍 I'm not sure how these two got so lucky, but they sure did. This couple was such a great start to 2018. They couldn't have been more fun and I loved being a part of their day.

The day concluded with the BEST RECEPTION EVER! Guys! There was PIZZA AND DONUTS at the reception!!!! Does it get any better then that!?!? These guys know how to have a party! Congratulations you two! Your day was perfect, just like you two! It was a blast!

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Everett. by Stephanie Bannon

I was so excited to hear the news about this little guy. You see, this couple had the most epic rainy day wedding ever last spring. It poured all day and their wedding and reception took place in a big white tent on newly laid sod. There was stress and a whole lot of puddles but these guys were cool and calm. They made a great team and had fun throughout the whole day. I know they will make a great parent team too. With smiles on their faces they are going to rock this parent thing. Congratulations you two! He's one sweet little boy!

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