St. Louis Weddings

Melissa+Jeff. by Stephanie Bannon

This July wedding was SO pretty. Everything took place at Glen Echo Country Club. I have never heard of this country club and had no idea what to expect. It turns out it hosted the 1904 olympic golf championships and had some really cool stuff around. The grounds and the building were beautiful, and the staff were all so helpful. 

The day was so hot so we were all thankful we got to drive the golf carts around and find some shady spots for pictures. The wedding party had the best attitudes EVER and Jeff and Melissa were such troopers. 

The ceremony took place by a lake on the golf course under two ginormous trees. The setting was perfect as Jeff's sister married them.  After the ceremony we took advantage of some beautiful light and then headed off to enjoy the reception AND some amazing air conditioning. :) The day was perfect in every way. Congratulations Melissa and Jeff!

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Meredith+Scott. by Stephanie Bannon

I love detail shots, and I especially love them when we can incorporate them with something meaningful to the couple. In this case, we used the willow tree in the back yard that had been dug up out of the bride's grandparent's yard and placed in the bride's parents yard. Its a special tree and I'm so glad the mother of the bride shared the story with us.  

The couple got married in a super pretty church downtown. Smiles plastered their face's though out the ceremony. These two couldn't have been more excited. Part of Meredith's 4th grade class also attended the wedding and Scott's Uncle married them. 

After the ceremony we headed off to Busch Stadium and Forest Park for pictures. The wedding party was large but they were the sweetest bunch ever. We found a PERFECT little nook in Forest Park and these guys ROCKED their photo time. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. :) For real.

After pictures we zoomed over to the gorgeous Crowne Plaza in Clayton. It was the perfect venue. Beautiful in every way and every detail was perfectly executed. Meredith and Scott your day was perfect from beginning to end and you have some of the sweetest people around cheering you on. Congratulations to you both!

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Taylor+Alyssa. by Stephanie Bannon

This wedding was a beauty and so was this couple. April is hit or miss on the weather but we lucked out all around. The weather was perfect! We also picked one of the most popular spots for wedding parties in St. Louis but somehow beat the crowds. . .and the prom couples. ;) It was perfection. The reception took place at the Magic house was a blast. You can't beat a giant bean stalk and the kids absolutely loved it, not to mention the grooms men! Congratulations you two! 

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Dalton+Sara. by Stephanie Bannon

These two couldn't have been more fun. The evening was chilly but they were troopers without one single complaint. They were up for anything and a super team. Congratulations on your engagement! Your June wedding is going to be a blast! 



Scott+Meredith. by Stephanie Bannon

So. I've got to be honest. It's a little nerve wracking when a couple books me to photograph their wedding and we have never met. A wedding photographer is a big decision for a couple and if we've never met then neither of us know what to expect. The engagement session is a super way to get to know each other (that's why its included in each package) and get comfortable with each other. When I showed up for this session I had now idea what to expect. I had never seen or spoke to Meredith before. I didn't know how she found me and I had no idea of what to expect. We decided to meet at "the big eyeball" in Lumiere Sculpture park for the engagement session and our first meeting. Let me tell you, I instantly liked these two. They were down to earth, friendly and super fun. I couldn't have asked for a better couple. They are a super team. 

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