St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Angela+Dom. by Stephanie Bannon

When I first met these two I knew they were special. Dom has the biggest personality EVER and Angela is as sweet as can be. They are a perfect pair.

Their church wedding went down without a hitch…well mostly. One bride’s maid woke up sick and another passed out during the ceremony…just for a second, 😉 BUT none of that mattered. These two were getting married and their friends, NO MATTER WHAT, where sticking by their sides. Nothing was going to stop them from having a good time. They also smiled and laughed throughout the entire day and the day was unforgettable.

Angela was beautiful in every way! They planned plenty of picture time too so Dom took us to one of his FAVORITE places on earth! HIS HIGH SCHOOL! So here’s a little shout out to St. John Vianney High School! We were able to visit some of Dom’s favorite places with some of this old high school friends.

The night concluded at Andre’s West in Fenton. Every detail was beautiful. Angela and Dom’s family and friends were SO ready to celebrate them, and they did! Congratulations you two! Your day was perfect and so are you!

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Suegene+Ryan. by Stephanie Bannon

There is something nice about a small wedding. It is personal and slowed down. The things and people included are intentional and really enjoyed and that is exactly how these two planned out their wedding day. They had a relaxed morning with a few morning appointments, got themselves ready and shared a few nervous laughs before their wedding in the afternoon. 

The ceremony took place at the Butterfly House with some of their closest family and friends.

The reception took place at one of their favorite restaurants, Pasteria. The food was incredible and everyone was able to sit at one large table. It really had the feel of large family dinner. There were plenty of laughs and a whole lot of fun going on. Congratulations Suegene and Ryan! Your wedding day was absolutely perfect!

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Shawn+Lisa. by Stephanie Bannon

There is nothing I like more then a bride who values comfort. For real. This couple made a  super good choice when they picked some good ol' Converse to wear on their wedding day. The wedding party was pretty excited about it too. These two were as cool as their shoes. They were calm and totally had fun. . .like all day.

They picked the windiest April day EVER to get married on, but they rolled with it and all worked out perfect. Other then the 50mph winds the weather was perfect and so were their attitudes. Busch Stadium was a blast. I'm pretty sure the wedding party took a million selfies and the pictures and experience there was a treat for everyone.

After getting to know the wedding party a bit I knew the reception was going to be a blast. The toasts were the best and smiles were glued on everyone's faces. This couple is so loved. Congratulations you two! Your day was perfect.

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Jon+Claire. by Stephanie Bannon

I like these guys. I REALLY like these guys. No matter what, these two had smiles on their faces. They were calm and relaxed and super fun to be around. Every part of their day was perfect, well, almost. I'd be lying if I left it at that. It was a little bit chilly, especially, for the girls. However, it didn't stop them from having a blast and enjoying each other. SO. The day started at a salon. It was packed with family and Claire's large wedding party. Claire was calm and ready to go.  She quietly sat and let the salon staff doll her up. She looked gorgeous. After the salon, all the girls went and got dressed at Claire's Mom's house and then it was off to the church for the wedding to begin.

One side note: I love photographing a wedding and seeing pass bride and grooms. Its even BETTER when they are in the wedding party! WAY TOO MUCH FUN!

Back to Jon and Claire. Like I said, they were super relaxed and had told me that the wedding was a normal wedding. No real special details or events. However, they lied. :) There was a special detail and or event around every corner. They had gone above and beyond in their planning. For real. At the end of their ceremony they took a selfie. YES,  A SELFIE,  at the front of the church, with a selfie stick, and included the wedding party, AND their guests. It was pretty clever!  Then, a bag pipe player came into the church, and played, and then lead the whole wedding party out. It was super cool.  

After the ceremony we did family pictures. Instead of doing them all in the church we did them at a special location they had picked out. It was down the road from the church and worked out perfectly. It gave us more time and a much better lighting to photograph their families. So, in my opinion, it was a major win.  After that, the wedding party and the new Mr.+Mrs. loaded up and were off to take pictures. It. was. fun.  A little chilly but fun. . .and SO PRETTY. The colors Jon and Claire had picked looked amazing with the location we had picked. 

Once the pictures were complete we headed off to the Palladium in St. Louis for Jon+Claire's cocktail hour. The reception space was pretty amazing. It was large and open and once again every little detail was planned perfectly. Jon changed into his party suit, there was a killer saxophone player that played during dinner and Jon and Claire took part in some Tahitian wedding traditions. The day was truly amazing from start to finish. Congratulations you two! You and your day was a blast!

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Mark+Stephanie. by Stephanie Bannon

Holy moly was Stephanie a gorgeous bride! We started off at her parent's house. That's where I got to see all her pretty little details and her stunning lace dress. She couldn't have been more calm. The church was right down the street, so getting there was a breeze. The church was large and beautiful and quickly filled with family and friends. The ceremony started right on time. Stephanie's Dad wallked her down the aisle. Mark waited patiently, and the ceremony began.

The ceremony was one of a kind. It was a Catholic ceremony but also included some Filipino traditions. After the ceremony we headed off to Forest Park. Stephanie found a killer spot in Forest park so we did all the wedding party pictures there. It. was. PERFECT. 

I tell you what, Mark and Stephanie know how to have a party! They had tons of family and friends to help them celebrate and they were not shy. :) It was a super fun time for all! Congratulations you two! 

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Scott+Meredith. by Stephanie Bannon

So. I've got to be honest. It's a little nerve wracking when a couple books me to photograph their wedding and we have never met. A wedding photographer is a big decision for a couple and if we've never met then neither of us know what to expect. The engagement session is a super way to get to know each other (that's why its included in each package) and get comfortable with each other. When I showed up for this session I had now idea what to expect. I had never seen or spoke to Meredith before. I didn't know how she found me and I had no idea of what to expect. We decided to meet at "the big eyeball" in Lumiere Sculpture park for the engagement session and our first meeting. Let me tell you, I instantly liked these two. They were down to earth, friendly and super fun. I couldn't have asked for a better couple. They are a super team. 

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Shawn+Lisa. by Stephanie Bannon

I was so excited to finally get to meet these two. Their April wedding (so far) will be my first for 2016. I met Lisa a while back at a large family session but it had been a while. She couldn't be sweeter. Shawn was a super good sport and the two of them had so much fun together. They joked and laughed the whole time! I couldn't ask for a better couple.

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