St. Charles

Mitch+Amanda by Stephanie Bannon

There's nothing I love more then a couple that works well together and is up for anything. These two had smiles on their face's the entire time! I couldn't ask for a better couple!

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Chris. by Stephanie Bannon

I'm not going to lie. High school senior guys are hard. I mean, what teenage guy really wants to come have me boss him around in front of a camera for an hour. Chris, on the other hand, was so easy. He's got a killer personality and was super fun! We even got to sneak in a few pictures of his smokin' hot car. :)

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Mike+Susan+Jack+Emily. by Stephanie Bannon

I first met you all a year ago. That year seems so long ago. So much has happened and changed. I love the smiles on all your faces and that you all hold tightly to each other. Its so clear how much you love each other by the way you lean in to each other and the smiles and laughs that you have together. You guys are a special bunch. 

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Dave+Rachel+Maggie. by Stephanie Bannon

Maggie, Maggie. Your face's are priceless and personality couldn't be bigger. Your smile, your frown, and the hugs you give are with 110% of that big heart of yours. Your parent's are pretty special themselves. They couldn't be a more loving, understanding and patient pair. You are a special bunch!

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