STL Photographer

Mark+Abbey. by Stephanie Bannon

Abbey started her day off at her parent’s house. Her sister helped her get into her pretty lace dress and then we were off the her childhood church.

Abbey arrived and hid in a back room. Mark made his appearance shortly after and tried to play it cool while he anxiously waited for the ceremony to begin. Their niece was the flower girl and completed her job perfectly. AND she looked picture perfect with her flower crown. Abbey made it down the aisle with her Dad while Mark beamed, waiting for his soon to be wife. Their smiles told it all throughout the ceremony.

After the ceremony we headed to a nearby park and then to the National Museum of Transportation, where their reception also took place. We were able to play on trains and ride in a trolly. It was the perfect place for some fun pictures.

The reception took place in the train depot. Mark’s mom made their cake and it was beautiful! There was so much detail and love put into that cake! What a special night for such a special pair! Congratulations you two!

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Mike+Alana. by Stephanie Bannon

These two are about as fun as they come AND their wedding is JUST around the corner. From the first time we met we clicked and I 100% love hanging out with these two. They have the best stories and I love how real and honest they are. Congratulations you two! I cannot wait for your wedding day!

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Oh baby. by Stephanie Bannon

Welcome to this world little guy! I'm pretty sure your family couldn't be more in love!

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Family. by Stephanie Bannon

These guys have been on the blog a lot lately! :) There was a new baby in December and a wedding a year before that. The cousins and in laws were all included and I'm pretty sure these guys couldn't like each other more! 

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Eric+Bonnie+Logan+Carson. by Stephanie Bannon

Brothers! These two have the best smiles and couldn't have made this session more fun. We played and laughed and it flew by! What fun!

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Matt+Liz+Amos. by Stephanie Bannon

Boy, oh, boy this little guy is a sweetie. It took a little bit for him to warm up but once he did there was no stopping his curiosity and that cute little smile! We had a blast hanging out and it's always fun to see this bunch. Happy birthday little guy!

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Kris+Shannon+Evie+Olivia. by Stephanie Bannon

Happy Birthday to Olivia! Holy Moly did her cake smell good! We started off at this family's home and then we ventured off to the great outdoors for a change of scenery. It just so happened to be the one "almost" warm day in March. 😉 These two cuties had some ups and downs but man those smiles and cuddles that came hand in hand were pretty priceless. Happy birthday sweet girl!

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Joe+Melissa+Ethan+Audrey. by Stephanie Bannon

You know what's fun about this family! At the end of a session they get huge lollipops, and I'm not talking about dumdums. :) I 100% love and support it! I even get excited to see what kind of lollipops they are going to be! Another great thing about this family is that the next time I see them there are going to be 5 of them! Yep! Come February, they will be a party of 5! I can't wait, and I'm sure they can't either. Congratulations!

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Dante+Dana+Leo+Lucie. by Stephanie Bannon

I can't help to think how great of friends these two will be when they get big! It was a cold morning but they came bundled up pushing their strollers, which were complete with their favorite babies. How fun is that!  They had the best smiles and couldn't have been better sports! 

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Matt+Julie+Ali+Brooke. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh boy! This gang has been around for a while, so they are pretty special. Not only do I get to take their pictures every once in a while but I also get to be friends with these cool guys! Like always, it was fun guys!

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Reed. by Stephanie Bannon

What a sweetheart. Meet Reed. He has the best serious face around, and does a whole lot of thinking. His little wrinkles are perfect  and he has a serious love for his hands. Congratulations you two, this thing called parenthood looks good on you!

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Jason+Steffany. by Stephanie Bannon

Pere Marquette is the perfect wedding venue! Its beautiful in every way. Jason and Steffany got married at the end of March. It drizzled on and off all day but the thunderstorms managed to hold off until right after the ceremony began. 

One of the things they were most excited about was their first look. They had no idea what the other person was wearing but Steffany knew Jason was going to be rocking a custom made suit. Their expressions were priceless and they soaked up every second of it. They even included a little champagne. :)

The ceremony took place in the main lodge and the reception location was right down the hall. Their family and friends surrounded them as they said their vows. The thunder boomed and the rain fell hard. These two couldn't have cared less. They were married and it was party time! Congratulations you two. Your day was perfection.

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Travis+Amy+Mark+Bennett+Hope. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh my goodness, these guys were a hoot! Typical kids and I love that! Hands down, they had some of the best smiles and Mark is SO in love with his little sister. You guys did SUPER!

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Jason+Joy+Joel+Jamie+Josh. by Stephanie Bannon

I've known these guys for a while now and its CRAZY to see how grown up the kids have gotten. Like, for real, I remember when Josh was born and Jamie, well, we discovered she was born the same day/year as my oldest and we were in the SAME hospital. Jason is a science teacher and does wedding videos on the side SO if you're getting married and need a video guy, he might just be your guy. Hit me up for his email. :)

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Matt+Carissa+Desmond+Grant. by Stephanie Bannon

Happy Birthday to Grant! What a guy! He was all over the place and rocking his perfect little smile. Right?!? TOO perfect. Happy Birthday big boy!

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Meredith+Scott. by Stephanie Bannon

I love detail shots, and I especially love them when we can incorporate them with something meaningful to the couple. In this case, we used the willow tree in the back yard that had been dug up out of the bride's grandparent's yard and placed in the bride's parents yard. Its a special tree and I'm so glad the mother of the bride shared the story with us.  

The couple got married in a super pretty church downtown. Smiles plastered their face's though out the ceremony. These two couldn't have been more excited. Part of Meredith's 4th grade class also attended the wedding and Scott's Uncle married them. 

After the ceremony we headed off to Busch Stadium and Forest Park for pictures. The wedding party was large but they were the sweetest bunch ever. We found a PERFECT little nook in Forest Park and these guys ROCKED their photo time. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. :) For real.