Palladium St. Louis

Jon+Claire. by Stephanie Bannon

I like these guys. I REALLY like these guys. No matter what, these two had smiles on their faces. They were calm and relaxed and super fun to be around. Every part of their day was perfect, well, almost. I'd be lying if I left it at that. It was a little bit chilly, especially, for the girls. However, it didn't stop them from having a blast and enjoying each other. SO. The day started at a salon. It was packed with family and Claire's large wedding party. Claire was calm and ready to go.  She quietly sat and let the salon staff doll her up. She looked gorgeous. After the salon, all the girls went and got dressed at Claire's Mom's house and then it was off to the church for the wedding to begin.

One side note: I love photographing a wedding and seeing pass bride and grooms. Its even BETTER when they are in the wedding party! WAY TOO MUCH FUN!

Back to Jon and Claire. Like I said, they were super relaxed and had told me that the wedding was a normal wedding. No real special details or events. However, they lied. :) There was a special detail and or event around every corner. They had gone above and beyond in their planning. For real. At the end of their ceremony they took a selfie. YES,  A SELFIE,  at the front of the church, with a selfie stick, and included the wedding party, AND their guests. It was pretty clever!  Then, a bag pipe player came into the church, and played, and then lead the whole wedding party out. It was super cool.  

After the ceremony we did family pictures. Instead of doing them all in the church we did them at a special location they had picked out. It was down the road from the church and worked out perfectly. It gave us more time and a much better lighting to photograph their families. So, in my opinion, it was a major win.  After that, the wedding party and the new Mr.+Mrs. loaded up and were off to take pictures. It. was. fun.  A little chilly but fun. . .and SO PRETTY. The colors Jon and Claire had picked looked amazing with the location we had picked. 

Once the pictures were complete we headed off to the Palladium in St. Louis for Jon+Claire's cocktail hour. The reception space was pretty amazing. It was large and open and once again every little detail was planned perfectly. Jon changed into his party suit, there was a killer saxophone player that played during dinner and Jon and Claire took part in some Tahitian wedding traditions. The day was truly amazing from start to finish. Congratulations you two! You and your day was a blast!

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