Newborn Photographer

Lainey Rose. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh, sweet girl, how you are loved. Newborn sessions are always fun. I love seeing how first time parents interact with their new little baby. There are nerves and stress but awe of this new little creature and of course, so much love. However, seeing a family who has done this “newborn thing” before and seeing new siblings interact is pretty priceless. The excitement in showing them off, the little touches, the new role of big sibling is so so cute. Don’t forget.

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Matt+Amanda+Sydney+Graham. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh my goodness this little guy was perfect! He was so SO good, in every way! It was a struggle to not let Sydney steal the show though! She was full of personality and energy and so fun to photograph! I don’t know what it is about these guys but they are an all time favorite, even before kids. Way back before these two kiddos made their appearances I photographed Amanda and Matts wedding. It was an all time favorite and this newborn session might just be up there as well! It’s always great seeing this family!

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Adelaide. by Stephanie Bannon

This little beauty was so perfect. She was so little but doing so great. She was born at 35 weeks and her family couldn't be more excited about her. Her big brother and sister got home halfway through the session and got to show her off. Their faces said it all! Congratulations on your new little girl! She's a doll!

Side note: The felt flower heard bands were made by Floramade

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Everett. by Stephanie Bannon

I was so excited to hear the news about this little guy. You see, this couple had the most epic rainy day wedding ever last spring. It poured all day and their wedding and reception took place in a big white tent on newly laid sod. There was stress and a whole lot of puddles but these guys were cool and calm. They made a great team and had fun throughout the whole day. I know they will make a great parent team too. With smiles on their faces they are going to rock this parent thing. Congratulations you two! He's one sweet little boy!

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Zachary. by Stephanie Bannon

This little guy is in for some excitement! He's got two old brothers to show him the ropes. :) He was perfect in every way and even cracked a few smiles. Welcome to this world little guy!

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Reed. by Stephanie Bannon

What a sweetheart. Meet Reed. He has the best serious face around, and does a whole lot of thinking. His little wrinkles are perfect  and he has a serious love for his hands. Congratulations you two, this thing called parenthood looks good on you!

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Fred+Jen+Nori. by Stephanie Bannon

Meet Nori. She's a doll baby and happens to be my niece and she's about as perfect as they come. Good job Jen and Fred, she's a beauty!

Sydney. by Stephanie Bannon

There is nothing I enjoy more then photographing a couple and then being called when their special life events happen. It's a gift to be able to photograph someone over the years and be a little part of their lives. There is change and growth and its an honor to see. These two got married back in 2014 and just recently had this little beauty. I couldn't have been more excited to meet her. Congratulations!

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Audrey Mae. by Stephanie Bannon

Audrey Mae. . .your timing was perfect! I'm so glad I got to meet you. You've got a super special family and your two brother's are already majorly in love with you. You're a beauty!