Forest Park

Amanda+Mitch. by Stephanie Bannon

Amanda got ready at home surrounded by her closest friends. The morning was calm and relaxed and everything fell into place. Her dress was spot on perfect! 

I love the Jewel Box in Forest Park.  The light and color is always beautiful! 

After the ceremony we headed out for wedding party pictures. This group was super fun and the location fit perfectly with Amanda and Mitch's classy style. 

These guys were FUN, even grandma was out on the dance floor! Amanda and Mitch, your day was perfect and and so are you two! Congratulations!

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Laura+Ryan. by Stephanie Bannon

Ryan and Laura got married in the Forest Park, World's Fair Pavillion. It was beautiful and overlooked the whole park. It had an elegant but relaxed feel.

We ventured around the park for some pictures and also visited a near by seminary. What's more classic and elegant then huge stone buildings with arched doors and beautiful halls. SO pretty!

The day concluded at the Schlafly Tap Room. The room was filled with family and friends and the tables were decorated with flowers arranged by a close friend. The day wrapped up perfectly and ended with a few good beers and a whole lot of smiling. Congratulations you two!

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Dalton+Sara. by Stephanie Bannon

These two couldn't have been more fun. The evening was chilly but they were troopers without one single complaint. They were up for anything and a super team. Congratulations on your engagement! Your June wedding is going to be a blast! 



Matt+Carissa+Desmond+Grant. by Stephanie Bannon

Alright Desmond, you've got about the cutest, contagious giggle I have ever witnessed. Your poor parents. I have no idea how they could ever be serious with you. Your new little brother is pretty sweet himself. I can't wait to see how his little personality grows. . .if he's anything like you, he's going to be a hoot!  

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Jason+Amanda+Jack. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh Jack! How are you four!?!? The first time I saw you you were newly born and had eyelashes a mile long. You've still got those long lashes and now its paired with a charming little smile. Thanks for hanging out, entertaining me with sticks, and throwing rocks! You and your family are too fun!

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