Evie+Olivia. / by Stephanie Bannon

I like these guys a lot! They are cute and funny and keep me on my toes. They laugh and cry and their face’s show exactly how they are feeling. Their parent’s aren’t so bad either! They pick out some super outfits and are up to try anything. They persevere to the end and bring really good snacks. They are all pretty great and I always LOVE how their pictures turn out! They are full of emotions and fun. Thanks for the fun evening! It’s always great seeing you guys!

Side Note: Two and four years old are hard; hard to get to focus, hard to instruct and that is hard on the parents. BUT the faces they make are the BEST and when their personality is perfectly frozen in time it is SO worth it. Having kids aged two and four is a season. It will pass. I have four kids myself and it has passed for me. (we are on to a new season with a 8, 9, 11 and 13 year old😂) So coming from a Mom of four kids, I promise it is worth it, AND I promise I’m up for the challenge if you have a few. 😉 SO don’t let an independent two year old or the fact that you have multiple small kids all at once stop you from getting pictures taken. WE can do it. . .even with a little crazy. Promise.