Carolyn+Jordan. / by Stephanie Bannon

This wedding was calm and relaxed and Carolyn and Jordan have an amazing team behind them. Their friends surrounded them, cheered them on and stepped up to help where ever was needed. The day was simple but beautiful.

They were SO excited for the ceremony. Jordan was dying to see his new bride and Carolyn was beaming.

Carolyn and Jordan looked amazing and their faces said it all. Their smiles were contagious and their wedding party was small and sweet. Because the entire day took place at their church we were a little limited in where we could take pictures, however we made it work AND we made it work WELL. All these pictures took place in the church or within 8 feet of the parking lot.

Their siblings and closest friends spoke goodness and love over them. It was clear this was a stellar couple who loved well and valued their family and friends! Congratulations you two!

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