Liz+Zach. / by Stephanie Bannon

This summer I had the privilege to photograph this special couple’s wedding. The former, Miss Salzburg, was my youngest daughter’s preschool teacher AND if you know my Ellie, you know this must be one special teacher. Miss Salzburg loves her preschool kids and LOVES what she does. They got married at her childhood church, Immanuel Lutheran in St. Charles, which is also were she works.

The ceremony took place in the newly remodeled sanctuary. The roof collapsed about a year ago but was all ready for Liz and Zach to get married in it. It was beautiful.

The day was so hot and humid but Liz and Zach and the BEST attitudes and so did there wedding party. It was so obvious how much they all cared and loved each other. Liz is thoughtful and focused on details so in each girl’s bouquet she added a piece of the bridesmaid dress she wore in their weddings. In her sister’s and her own bouquet they had a piece of their mother’s wedding dress. It was a super thoughtful detail and all the girls loved it.

The reception was filled with family and friends and a WHOLE lot of fun! They had cookie dough balls for treats and the dance floor was hoping! It was the perfect end to a perfect day! Congratulations you two!

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