Alex+Carly. / by Stephanie Bannon

The day started a little dark and dreary but there was nothing stopping these two from having a super day. Carly’s smile was contagious. They smiled and laughed the whole way through.

The ceremony was short and sweet and took place in the New Town Chapel. An out of town friend conducted the ceremony and I have never seen a father with such a sweet pass off. He hugged his daughter tight and then placed her hand in her new husband’s with the firmest squeeze. It was a moment his love for both of them showed.

After the ceremony it was off to take pictures of the wedding party. Their color combination was perfect and the wedding party looked superb! Carly and Alex beamed. I’m pretty sure they couldn’t be more excited about their new Mr. and Mrs. title.

The reception concluded the evening at Andre’s West. It was filled with family and friends who couldn’t wait to celebrate these two, AND they celebrated well. Congratulations Carly and Alex! You guys couldn’t be more loved!

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