Natalie+Michael. / by Stephanie Bannon

Ok, Natalie knows how to pick shoes! Let's start there. 😁 Her fancy shoes were SO feminine and pretty and her custom stitched converse were SO cool! I LOVE a practical bride! Wedding days are long and who wants to be uncomfortable!?!?

One thing I love about this couple is their faces. I know, I know that sounds weird BUT I love how their faces tell it all. SO much expression and the face's they gave each other through out the day were priceless. Even during their ceremony their faces lit up, the excitement was so obvious and their smiles were plastered on. 

Natalie has the best little nose scrunch around! In fact, I'd bet when she was little she made the exact same face. It's the cutest! AND Michael. He's about as sweet as they come and couldn't love Natalie more. The way these two interacted was so perfect. They joked, they laughed and they had fun.

The night ended and the beautiful Windows on Washington. I love the feel and natural light there and you can't beat string lights! My favorite! Natalie and Michael's reception was SO FUN. They have a killer group of family and friends. You can't go wrong with Thriller, YMCA, Tie Limbo and giant pretzels! Congratulations you two!

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