Eli. / by Stephanie Bannon

This is a special bunch. I first met then in 2013. They were planning a wedding and I was photographing it. A lot has happened since then. I waited with John at a hotel as he nervously waited to see his bride. I waited at the hospital with them when they anxiously waited for their first son to be born. I waited with them as they comforted their boy when he fell and scrapped his nose all up during family photos, and most recently, I waited while they welcomed their newest son, Eli, to their family. I'm honored that they trust me enough to let me into some of their most special times and save little glimpses of it. This is why I love what I do. I love the people and the relationships. I love seeing them change and grow. AND I love that I can save a little glimpse of some of their most precious times in their lives for them.

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