Joe+Katie. / by Stephanie Bannon

The day started at a pretty Catholic Church, which was actually the church Katie went to school at. The church wedding coordinator had been Katie’s kindergarten teacher, which was such a fun little detail. These two decided to wait and see each other for the first time as Katie walked down the long aisle. Katie’s smile stretched across her face and Joe’s eyes were locked on his soon to be wife.

After the ceremony we headed to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The day was over cast and a little chilly which ended up being perfect. There were less people at the gardens which allowed us to take pictures where ever we liked.

After pictures at the gardens we headed back to St. Charles to Old Hickory Golf Club. The wedding party loaded into the party bus we followed behind them. Half way back the bus began driving really slowly and had to exit the highway. We followed them and realized the bus had broken down. We had limited time to make it back to the reception so we improvised. You gotta do what you gotta do! SO we loaded the bride and groom in my car, loaded a few others in the second photographer’s car and called an Uber for the rest! Katie and Joe were so flexible and had the best attitudes the entire time. They were positive and totally went with the flow. This little “hiccup” could have been a huge stress and possibly ruined the day but we fixed the problem, stayed happy and continued on. We got to the reception right on time and no one even realized there was a little hiccup in the day! The reception began on time and everyone had a blast! Katie and Joe are a super couple and the day was a blast! Congratulations you two!

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