Danielle+Feysel. / by Stephanie Bannon

Oh, Danielle and Feysel! Your day was windy and a little bipolar but it sure was a beauty. Danielle is a classic beauty.  She is down to earth and about as fun as they come.  The wedding took place in her parents barn. It sat on a hill and was perfectly placed. There were cows and huge sprawling fields everywhere. 

Danielle and Feysel chose not to see each other until the ceremony. Both were beaming as she came down the aisle. The ceremony got moved inside due to random rain showers and some serious wind BUT half way through the ceremony Danielle spotted a double rainbow as the clouds moved out. It was a perfect touch. :)

Feysel serves in the military so some classic red, white and blue was warn. They also had some killer socks. :) The wedding party was a blast and had super attitudes! We tromped through fields and big holes to get to the perfect spot and let me tell you, the light was killer. 

The reception took place in the barn and was beautiful. It was the perfect night to have the huge doors open. Everyone had a blast! Congratulations you two and thanks for welcoming me to the farm! 

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