Evie+Olivia. by Stephanie Bannon

I like these guys a lot! They are cute and funny and keep me on my toes. They laugh and cry and their face’s show exactly how they are feeling. Their parent’s aren’t so bad either! They pick out some super outfits and are up to try anything. They persevere to the end and bring really good snacks. They are all pretty great and I always LOVE how their pictures turn out! They are full of emotions and fun. Thanks for the fun evening! It’s always great seeing you guys!

Side Note: Two and four years old are hard; hard to get to focus, hard to instruct and that is hard on the parents. BUT the faces they make are the BEST and when their personality is perfectly frozen in time it is SO worth it. Having kids aged two and four is a season. It will pass. I have four kids myself and it has passed for me. (we are on to a new season with a 8, 9, 11 and 13 year old😂) So coming from a Mom of four kids, I promise it is worth it, AND I promise I’m up for the challenge if you have a few. 😉 SO don’t let an independent two year old or the fact that you have multiple small kids all at once stop you from getting pictures taken. WE can do it. . .even with a little crazy. Promise.

Marty+Monica+Mabel+Gavan. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh BOY! WAY back in the day I worked with Monica at the St. Charles Parks Department. I had just had my first baby and Monica was in college. It seems like forever ago. Since then, Monica has gotten married, moved, and had two babies. One of my favorite things about this photography thing is that I often get to see someone’s story unfold. Sometimes it is just l a little glimpse and sometimes its lots of years and lots of change. Either way, it is an honor and privilege. Congratulations Monica and Marty! Your family is perfect.

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Carolyn+Jordan. by Stephanie Bannon

This wedding was calm and relaxed and Carolyn and Jordan have an amazing team behind them. Their friends surrounded them, cheered them on and stepped up to help where ever was needed. The day was simple but beautiful.

They were SO excited for the ceremony. Jordan was dying to see his new bride and Carolyn was beaming.

Carolyn and Jordan looked amazing and their faces said it all. Their smiles were contagious and their wedding party was small and sweet. Because the entire day took place at their church we were a little limited in where we could take pictures, however we made it work AND we made it work WELL. All these pictures took place in the church or within 8 feet of the parking lot.

Their siblings and closest friends spoke goodness and love over them. It was clear this was a stellar couple who loved well and valued their family and friends! Congratulations you two!

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Abbey+Mark. by Stephanie Bannon

You know what I love about these two?!? I LOVE how sweet and kind Abbey is and I LOVE how Mark is so fun and full of sassy comments. For real! It made for a super fun session and I can’t wait for their September wedding. I also LOVE that Mark is the brother of a past groom. There is nothing more special then one family member referring me to another family member AND it is the BEST to see past couples!

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Liz+Zach. by Stephanie Bannon

This summer I had the privilege to photograph this special couple’s wedding. The former, Miss Salzburg, was my youngest daughter’s preschool teacher AND if you know my Ellie, you know this must be one special teacher. Miss Salzburg loves her preschool kids and LOVES what she does. They got married at her childhood church, Immanuel Lutheran in St. Charles, which is also were she works.

The ceremony took place in the newly remodeled sanctuary. The roof collapsed about a year ago but was all ready for Liz and Zach to get married in it. It was beautiful.

The day was so hot and humid but Liz and Zach and the BEST attitudes and so did there wedding party. It was so obvious how much they all cared and loved each other. Liz is thoughtful and focused on details so in each girl’s bouquet she added a piece of the bridesmaid dress she wore in their weddings. In her sister’s and her own bouquet they had a piece of their mother’s wedding dress. It was a super thoughtful detail and all the girls loved it.

The reception was filled with family and friends and a WHOLE lot of fun! They had cookie dough balls for treats and the dance floor was hoping! It was the perfect end to a perfect day! Congratulations you two!

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Vincent. by Stephanie Bannon

Vincent is such a fun three year old! He’s got a serious interest in music and LOVES to conduct! He showed me his violin, trombone, piano AND his conducting skills. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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Matt+Liz+Amos+Caroline. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh man, what cuties! Caroline turned two in July and it was SO hot…so we improvised and decided to do something a little different. Liz brought out her childhood Lincoln Logs and after that we played with the sprinklers! Kudos to this Mom and Dad for joining in the fun! Everyone had a super time and that water was a well deserved treat!

Happy birthday sweet Caroline!

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Matt+Kristen+Kate+Ann. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh man, was this a fun session, AND I LOVE photographing this family. Kristen is my kid’s doctor and its so fun to see her out of the office and see her in a different role. Matt, well, he’s not so bad either. 😜 He always has some kind of good story to share. Kate and Ann are FULL of personality and always keep me on my toes. I love that. They are SO fun and always an adventure! Thanks for the fun evening!

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Tracy+Ryan. by Stephanie Bannon

Tracy and Ryan picked such a perfect spot to get married. The whole event took place at the White Owl, in Wright City. It was beautiful and these two couldn’t have been more excited.

The ceremony took place on the cutest little dock. Tracy walked down the aisle beaming and Ryan could not wait to see his new bride. It was pretty perfect.

The wedding party was filled with family and friends. The groomsmen received a special gift they truly enjoyed and everyone had a blast! You’re never too old to play with swords! :)

Tracy and Ryan’s reception was so fun! They had the BEST BBQ from Dalie's Smokehouse in Vally Park. The venue has a super cool barn where the second half of the reception took place. It was relaxed and fun! There were glow sticks and sparklers too! It was a night to remember! Congratulations you two!

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Anand+Jessica+Devin+Kiran. by Stephanie Bannon

Brothers are SO fun! These two were the cutest and one year old smiles are the best! They brought along their favorite Toy Story toys AND we had a blast hanging out and playing. Grandma even came along for some of the fun which is always a great idea!

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Jake+Denise+Raymond+Emmett. by Stephanie Bannon

PERSONALITY! Holy Moly! These two boys are a HOOT! They’ve got THE BEST faces and the toothless grins and giggles are to die for. I’m pretty sure that after you peek at these pictures you can tell exactly where these two boys get it. 😜 (mmmmmm……maybe Dad!?!?)

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Angela+Dom. by Stephanie Bannon

When I first met these two I knew they were special. Dom has the biggest personality EVER and Angela is as sweet as can be. They are a perfect pair.

Their church wedding went down without a hitch…well mostly. One bride’s maid woke up sick and another passed out during the ceremony…just for a second, 😉 BUT none of that mattered. These two were getting married and their friends, NO MATTER WHAT, where sticking by their sides. Nothing was going to stop them from having a good time. They also smiled and laughed throughout the entire day and the day was unforgettable.

Angela was beautiful in every way! They planned plenty of picture time too so Dom took us to one of his FAVORITE places on earth! HIS HIGH SCHOOL! So here’s a little shout out to St. John Vianney High School! We were able to visit some of Dom’s favorite places with some of this old high school friends.

The night concluded at Andre’s West in Fenton. Every detail was beautiful. Angela and Dom’s family and friends were SO ready to celebrate them, and they did! Congratulations you two! Your day was perfect and so are you!

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Jason+Mary Jane+Parker+Emma Jane+Hannah Kate+Josiah. by Stephanie Bannon

What a stellar group! These guys are always a delight. I love watching these siblings interact. Their personalities bubble over and they are the sweetest!

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Jordan+Carolyn. by Stephanie Bannon

Nothing like a hot summer evening for and engagement session. 😊 The heat didn’t stop these two from having a good time. We found some super cool purple flowers and I learned these two can JUMP! Congratulations on your engagement! I can’t wait for your wedding next month and I’m sure you can’t either!

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