This July wedding was SO pretty. Everything took place at Glen Echo Country Club. I have never heard of this country club and had no idea what to expect. It turns out it hosted the 1904 olympic golf championships and had some really cool stuff around. The grounds and the building were beautiful, and the staff were all so helpful. 

The day was so hot so we were all thankful we got to drive the golf carts around and find some shady spots for pictures. The wedding party had the best attitudes EVER and Jeff and Melissa were such troopers. 

The ceremony took place by a lake on the golf course under two ginormous trees. The setting was perfect as Jeff's sister married them.  After the ceremony we took advantage of some beautiful light and then headed off to enjoy the reception AND some amazing air conditioning. :) The day was perfect in every way. Congratulations Melissa and Jeff!

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I love Pere Marquette, and Annie and Dan are pretty super cool too! :) The outdoor location paired with their fresh bright colors was beautiful. The ceremony took place outdoors and the reception was inside the main lodge. I'm pretty sure I have never seen so many people dance consistantly at a wedding in all my life. This wedding was a blast and Annie and Dan make an amazing team. Congratulations you two!

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Oh, Eleanor. You're a cutie, but girl, you gave me a work out! Meet my niece. She's one and as funny as can be. Happy Birthday sweet Eleanor!

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This little guy is in for some excitement! He's got two old brothers to show him the ropes. :) He was perfect in every way and even cracked a few smiles. Welcome to this world little guy!

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It's always fun shooting somewhere I haven't been before. I've got to think quickly and get a little creative. This wedding and reception took place at Sqwires, a cute little restaurant close to Lafayette Square park. The location provided the perfect balance of urban and nature.  Veronica opted for a tea length dress which was SO cute AND it allowed her to move around for pictures. She was comfortable and so cute. The rain teased us a little during pictures so we got to use my super cute umbrellas too! The day was a perfect balance and everything went so smooth. Congratulations you two! Perfect day for a perfect couple!

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What a gang! I love this family! Let's be real, three kids, especially with two boys that are ages two and one is not easy. I'd be lying big time if I said it was BUT it was fun and we NAILED it! Look at those faces! Right?!?! And look at this stage in life, SO HARD; these parents are super stars! For real. I can deal with a little chaos, ACTUALLY, I can deal with a whole lot of chaos. :) Don't let crazy kids and crazy stages stop you from getting killer pictures like these. You don't want to forget this time, well, maybe you do, but you also want to be able to show your kids what you endured. ;)

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Ryan and Laura got married in the Forest Park, World's Fair Pavillion. It was beautiful and overlooked the whole park. It had an elegant but relaxed feel.

We ventured around the park for some pictures and also visited a near by seminary. What's more classic and elegant then huge stone buildings with arched doors and beautiful halls. SO pretty!

The day concluded at the Schlafly Tap Room. The room was filled with family and friends and the tables were decorated with flowers arranged by a close friend. The day wrapped up perfectly and ended with a few good beers and a whole lot of smiling. Congratulations you two!

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Amy and Dave have a small intimate wedding with their closest family and friends. The wedding was relaxed and so where their attitudes. There were a few little hiccups throughout the evening but their smiles and good attitudes stuck. What a pair! Congratulations on your marriage, your happiness is evident!

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These two kids are the cutest. Right!?!? Ethan had the best little smile and Emily was full of thought. We had a great time playing in the forest and destroying some yellow flowers. ;) I can totally see these two in twenty years. Siblings are the best! 

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In all honesty, we should have panicked. Right?!? Rain and thunderstorms all day; like consistently. An outdoor wedding on fresh sod and a first look and wedding party pictures in a field. Yea. Great plan, right? BUT, we started the day with a new plan, pulled it together and the day ROCKED. Like for real. I wouldn't say it unless I meant it. :)

Bobby saved the day and laid down plywood throughout the big white tent, which was a lifesaver, Katie bought the perfect rain boots (Tip of the day: Be prepared always), and I scored the perfect place for a first look and wedding party pictures that was dry and indoors. SCORE!!! We all embraced the rain, stayed calm, came prepared and the day was super! RIGHT!?!? Attitudes are everything folks.

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Meet Johnathan. What a chilled out little dude. He's got some pretty cool parents too. They are super into outdoor activities like running and climbing. What kid wouldn't like that!?!? He's sure to have some adventures coming his way. :)

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What a sweetheart. Meet Reed. He has the best serious face around, and does a whole lot of thinking. His little wrinkles are perfect  and he has a serious love for his hands. Congratulations you two, this thing called parenthood looks good on you!

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Pere Marquette is the perfect wedding venue! Its beautiful in every way. Jason and Steffany got married at the end of March. It drizzled on and off all day but the thunderstorms managed to hold off until right after the ceremony began. 

One of the things they were most excited about was their first look. They had no idea what the other person was wearing but Steffany knew Jason was going to be rocking a custom made suit. Their expressions were priceless and they soaked up every second of it. They even included a little champagne. :)

The ceremony took place in the main lodge and the reception location was right down the hall. Their family and friends surrounded them as they said their vows. The thunder boomed and the rain fell hard. These two couldn't have cared less. They were married and it was party time! Congratulations you two. Your day was perfection.

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There's nothing I love more then a couple that works well together and is up for anything. These two had smiles on their face's the entire time! I couldn't ask for a better couple!

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These two were FUN! I love getting to know couple's before their wedding. It makes everything run smoother and makes everything more relaxed. I can't wait to see you both in October!

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Happy Birthday to you sweet RJ! You make me work for that smile of yours but its so so worth it. And Savannah, you're one of my favorites! Your laugh is pretty priceless. :)

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Meet Amos. He's pretty much perfect. Like for real. He had THE best hair, the most laid back personality and His parents were head over heals for him. Thats a pretty great combination. His parents have been waiting for him for quite sometime.  You're only a few weeks old and have managed to be one of the biggest blessings ever to those parents of yours. Welcome to the world little guy.

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After days of rain we expected mud, a whole bunch of mud. Extra outfits were packed and we were ready. We got to our location and there was no mud to be found. I'm not going to lie, I was a little bummed. Right! Mud, how fun would that be?!?! Even with the lack of mud we had a blast. We threw rocks in puddles, raced and had a pretty good time! It was a super fun morning!

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Mason. You are the cutest. . .and Doug and Amanda you aren't so bad either. :) These guys chose to have their session at their house which is always fun. They have a beautiful old home and their kitchen was perfect to play in. Mason was pretty excited about it too!

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