This little beauty was so perfect. She was so little but doing so great. She was born at 35 weeks and her family couldn't be more excited about her. Her big brother and sister got home halfway through the session and got to show her off. Their faces said it all! Congratulations on your new little girl! She's a doll!

Side note: The felt flower heard bands were made by Floramade

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I was so excited to hear the news about this little guy. You see, this couple had the most epic rainy day wedding ever last spring. It poured all day and their wedding and reception took place in a big white tent on newly laid sod. There was stress and a whole lot of puddles but these guys were cool and calm. They made a great team and had fun throughout the whole day. I know they will make a great parent team too. With smiles on their faces they are going to rock this parent thing. Congratulations you two! He's one sweet little boy!

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Oh my, did I love this wedding. This December wedding did NOT disappoint. The day, the wedding and the people were beautiful.

The ceremony took place at UMSL chapel which always looks so classy. Katelyn and Tim fit right in. :)

The sun sets early in December but with a super timeline we were able to fit in multiple locations. This was the first time ever that the groomsmen asked if they could throw the groom. Under the arch worked perfectly AND all parties involved came out uninjured. They also nailed it! (full disclosure it took a few tries)

The reception took place at the Westin downtown. It was an amazing location and Saving Grace Occasions helped make sure all the details were prefect! I've never seen such a fun group AND a flash mob broke out! It was pretty spectacular and a first for me! Congratulations you two! 

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Meet Mabel. She's the best baby EVER. I met her mom, Monica, a long time ago. Probably 10 years ago or so. She was a young, single :) and working at the St. Charles Parks department and I was a new mom to my first baby working a part time job there too. SO much has changed since then and I'm so honored to have seen Monica's little family grow! When I photographed Monica and Marty's wedding I thought Marty complimented her perfectly, and now Mabel is here and she's pretty perfect too. Well done you two! 

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I LOVED this session. So many real smiles and so much fun! We ran and played and had the best time. When sessions are full of play and kids don't hold exactly still, parent's often think, "Dang, I hope she got SOMETHING good." BUT those are usually the BEST! They are so real and SO GOOD. RIGHT?!?

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These two sisters are about a cute as they come. I love Kate's sophistication and beaming smile and Anne has THE BEST hair. I also love how she always looks like she's up to something. These two are a hoot! Thanks for hanging in the cold with me guys! :) 

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Jason+Mary Jane+Parker+Emma Jane+Hannah Kate+Josiah.

This bunch is always a blast! The kids are hilarious and such delights. See that middle blond beauty up there? I started photographing this family when she was just a few weeks old. It's such an honor to see this family grow and change each year! Mom and Dad, you're doing a great job! Keep it up! 

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The Family.

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I tend to steer clear of Forest Park. You know, there's always lots of people and events BUT this location was SUPER. The trees couldn't have been more perfect and I loved the clean modern lines of the buildings. These guys were also so much fun! Congratulations your two! I can't wait for your fall 2018 wedding!

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Man! I'm excited for these two! Last April I photographed their wedding, so they might look a little familiar. They are getting ready to welcome their new little boy in January! I can't wait to meet him! 

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Aren't these guys SO cute! Laura should be having their new baby girl any day now! I can't wait to hear their big news. Jaelyn was a doll and SO fast! Her smile was contagious! She's going to be a super sister!

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What a perfect weekend! Not too hot and not too cold, these guys got lucky! I loved their color combinations! Michael and Natalie were such great sports and were up for anything. :) I can't wait for your July wedding!

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Holy moly! The trees were incredible and sweet Jake was full of smiles! What a sweet little guy! 

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Oh, Danielle and Feysel! Your day was windy and a little bipolar but it sure was a beauty. Danielle is a classic beauty.  She is down to earth and about as fun as they come.  The wedding took place in her parents barn. It sat on a hill and was perfectly placed. There were cows and huge sprawling fields everywhere. 

Danielle and Feysel chose not to see each other until the ceremony. Both were beaming as she came down the aisle. The ceremony got moved inside due to random rain showers and some serious wind BUT half way through the ceremony Danielle spotted a double rainbow as the clouds moved out. It was a perfect touch. :)

Feysel serves in the military so some classic red, white and blue was warn. They also had some killer socks. :) The wedding party was a blast and had super attitudes! We tromped through fields and big holes to get to the perfect spot and let me tell you, the light was killer. 

The reception took place in the barn and was beautiful. It was the perfect night to have the huge doors open. Everyone had a blast! Congratulations you two and thanks for welcoming me to the farm! 

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