Patrick+Heather+Bennett. by Stephanie Bannon

This is a special little family right here. I photographed their engagement session in Chicago and their wedding five years ago and since then I’ve seen them at several different family member’s weddings. A referral, especially to a family member is a huge compliment, so thank you so much. In that five years a lot has changed but I am so thankful to see these guys again and meet their new little guy Bennett. He’s a ham and has the best half toothed smile. Patrick is also a veteran so on a little side note, thank you for your service. It’s always a treat seeing you guys!

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Rich+Jessie+Ivy+Jett+Ace. by Stephanie Bannon

So here’s the deal with kids; they are unpredictable and have their own plans, which can be VERY stressful especially for the parents. When you come to a session I do my best to engage with your child and find something THEY like. I want to see the real kid, the real personality and the real faces they make everyday. It might SEEM stressful at the time and like I am not going to get ANY good pictures in the end BUT I assure you I will. Even from your strong willed three year old. 😉

These guys did a super job. We had some tears and some screams BUT we also had a whole lot of fun. We threw things and played and some even got to pee outside. I’d say it was a well rounded perfect evening. 😘

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Sammi+Denton. by Stephanie Bannon

These guys are the best! It was pretty chilly but they had the BEST attitudes. They mastered changing in the car and they didn’t ditch me when I stepped in the most smelly dog 💩 ever. Denton’s competitive nature made everything a little more fun too! Congratulations you two! I’ll see you in May! 👰🏻🤵🏼

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Mike+Susan+Jack+Emily. by Stephanie Bannon

I LOVE siblings, and these two are no exception. The interaction is always SO great! There are laughs, and smiles and sometimes a few tears BUT thats what siblings do, AND its ok. In fact, it is perfect and it will probably never change. I hope these two can always giggle and goof off together.

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Dante+Dana+Lucy+Leo. by Stephanie Bannon

You know what I love about these kids? They have some super big personalities AND I LOVE their style. Colorful stripes and bow ties?!?! How CUTE! 😍

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Scott+Jennie+Lucy+Sam. by Stephanie Bannon

Who got a perfect fall day for pictures! This family! I love seeing this bunch and hearing all their new happenings! The kids always are a blast and Sam couldn't be more entertaining. Lucy has ALWAYs made me work to get her real beautiful smile to show and I have to say it is worth every ounce of effort. 😁 What a sweet bunch!

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Mark+Abbey. by Stephanie Bannon

Abbey started her day off at her parent’s house. Her sister helped her get into her pretty lace dress and then we were off the her childhood church.

Abbey arrived and hid in a back room. Mark made his appearance shortly after and tried to play it cool while he anxiously waited for the ceremony to begin. Their niece was the flower girl and completed her job perfectly. AND she looked picture perfect with her flower crown. Abbey made it down the aisle with her Dad while Mark beamed, waiting for his soon to be wife. Their smiles told it all throughout the ceremony.

After the ceremony we headed to a nearby park and then to the National Museum of Transportation, where their reception also took place. We were able to play on trains and ride in a trolly. It was the perfect place for some fun pictures.

The reception took place in the train depot. Mark’s mom made their cake and it was beautiful! There was so much detail and love put into that cake! What a special night for such a special pair! Congratulations you two!

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Alex+Carly. by Stephanie Bannon

The day started a little dark and dreary but there was nothing stopping these two from having a super day. Carly’s smile was contagious. They smiled and laughed the whole way through.

The ceremony was short and sweet and took place in the New Town Chapel. An out of town friend conducted the ceremony and I have never seen a father with such a sweet pass off. He hugged his daughter tight and then placed her hand in her new husband’s with the firmest squeeze. It was a moment his love for both of them showed.

After the ceremony it was off to take pictures of the wedding party. Their color combination was perfect and the wedding party looked superb! Carly and Alex beamed. I’m pretty sure they couldn’t be more excited about their new Mr. and Mrs. title.

The reception concluded the evening at Andre’s West. It was filled with family and friends who couldn’t wait to celebrate these two, AND they celebrated well. Congratulations Carly and Alex! You guys couldn’t be more loved!

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Mike+Alana. by Stephanie Bannon

These two are about as fun as they come AND their wedding is JUST around the corner. From the first time we met we clicked and I 100% love hanging out with these two. They have the best stories and I love how real and honest they are. Congratulations you two! I cannot wait for your wedding day!

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Matt+Carissa+Desmond+Grant. by Stephanie Bannon

Holy Moly! These guys are fun! Heres’s what I love about little boys, especially if its a pair of brothers. They are unfiltered and 100% true. It is clear what they are thinking from the start and that’s what is so fun. They are a challenge in the best possible way and make me work, they make me think on my feet and they force me to be creative. Look at these faces! These are the 100% real faces of these guys and I love them! Great job guys! It’s ALWAYS fun to see you all!

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Evie+Olivia. by Stephanie Bannon

I like these guys a lot! They are cute and funny and keep me on my toes. They laugh and cry and their face’s show exactly how they are feeling. Their parent’s aren’t so bad either! They pick out some super outfits and are up to try anything. They persevere to the end and bring really good snacks. They are all pretty great and I always LOVE how their pictures turn out! They are full of emotions and fun. Thanks for the fun evening! It’s always great seeing you guys!

Side Note: Two and four years old are hard; hard to get to focus, hard to instruct and that is hard on the parents. BUT the faces they make are the BEST and when their personality is perfectly frozen in time it is SO worth it. Having kids aged two and four is a season. It will pass. I have four kids myself and it has passed for me. (we are on to a new season with a 8, 9, 11 and 13 year old😂) So coming from a Mom of four kids, I promise it is worth it, AND I promise I’m up for the challenge if you have a few. 😉 SO don’t let an independent two year old or the fact that you have multiple small kids all at once stop you from getting pictures taken. WE can do it. . .even with a little crazy. Promise.

Marty+Monica+Mabel+Gavan. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh BOY! WAY back in the day I worked with Monica at the St. Charles Parks Department. I had just had my first baby and Monica was in college. It seems like forever ago. Since then, Monica has gotten married, moved, and had two babies. One of my favorite things about this photography thing is that I often get to see someone’s story unfold. Sometimes it is just l a little glimpse and sometimes its lots of years and lots of change. Either way, it is an honor and privilege. Congratulations Monica and Marty! Your family is perfect.

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Carolyn+Jordan. by Stephanie Bannon

This wedding was calm and relaxed and Carolyn and Jordan have an amazing team behind them. Their friends surrounded them, cheered them on and stepped up to help where ever was needed. The day was simple but beautiful.

They were SO excited for the ceremony. Jordan was dying to see his new bride and Carolyn was beaming.

Carolyn and Jordan looked amazing and their faces said it all. Their smiles were contagious and their wedding party was small and sweet. Because the entire day took place at their church we were a little limited in where we could take pictures, however we made it work AND we made it work WELL. All these pictures took place in the church or within 8 feet of the parking lot.

Their siblings and closest friends spoke goodness and love over them. It was clear this was a stellar couple who loved well and valued their family and friends! Congratulations you two!

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Abbey+Mark. by Stephanie Bannon

You know what I love about these two?!? I LOVE how sweet and kind Abbey is and I LOVE how Mark is so fun and full of sassy comments. For real! It made for a super fun session and I can’t wait for their September wedding. I also LOVE that Mark is the brother of a past groom. There is nothing more special then one family member referring me to another family member AND it is the BEST to see past couples!

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Liz+Zach. by Stephanie Bannon

This summer I had the privilege to photograph this special couple’s wedding. The former, Miss Salzburg, was my youngest daughter’s preschool teacher AND if you know my Ellie, you know this must be one special teacher. Miss Salzburg loves her preschool kids and LOVES what she does. They got married at her childhood church, Immanuel Lutheran in St. Charles, which is also were she works.

The ceremony took place in the newly remodeled sanctuary. The roof collapsed about a year ago but was all ready for Liz and Zach to get married in it. It was beautiful.