Matt+Kristen+Kate+Ann. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh man, was this a fun session, AND I LOVE photographing this family. Kristen is my kid’s doctor and its so fun to see her out of the office and see her in a different role. Matt, well, he’s not so bad either. 😜 He always has some kind of good story to share. Kate and Ann are FULL of personality and always keep me on my toes. I love that. They are SO fun and always an adventure! Thanks for the fun evening!

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Tracy+Ryan. by Stephanie Bannon

Tracy and Ryan picked such a perfect spot to get married. The whole event took place at the White Owl, in Wright City. It was beautiful and these two couldn’t have been more excited.

The ceremony took place on the cutest little dock. Tracy walked down the aisle beaming and Ryan could not wait to see his new bride. It was pretty perfect.

The wedding party was filled with family and friends. The groomsmen received a special gift they truly enjoyed and everyone had a blast! You’re never too old to play with swords! :)

Tracy and Ryan’s reception was so fun! They had the BEST BBQ from Salt and smoke. The venue has a super cool barn where the second half of the reception took place. It was relaxed and fun! There were glow sticks and sparklers too! It was a night to remember! Congratulations you two!

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Anand+Jessica+Devin+Kiran. by Stephanie Bannon

Brothers are SO fun! These two were the cutest and one year old smiles are the best! They brought along their favorite Toy Story toys AND we had a blast hanging out and playing. Grandma even came along for some of the fun which is always a great idea!

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Jake+Denise+Raymond+Emmett. by Stephanie Bannon

PERSONALITY! Holy Moly! These two boys are a HOOT! They’ve got THE BEST faces and the toothless grins and giggles are to die for. I’m pretty sure that after you peek at these pictures you can tell exactly where these two boys get it. 😜 (mmmmmm……maybe Dad!?!?)

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Angela+Dom. by Stephanie Bannon

When I first met these two I knew they were special. Dom has the biggest personality EVER and Angela is as sweet as can be. They are a perfect pair.

Their church wedding went down without a hitch…well mostly. One bride’s maid woke up sick and another passed out during the ceremony…just for a second, 😉 BUT none of that mattered. These two were getting married and their friends, NO MATTER WHAT, where sticking by their sides. Nothing was going to stop them from having a good time. They also smiled and laughed throughout the entire day and the day was unforgettable.

Angela was beautiful in every way! They planned plenty of picture time too so Dom took us to one of his FAVORITE places on earth! HIS HIGH SCHOOL! So here’s a little shout out to St. John Vianney High School! We were able to visit some of Dom’s favorite places with some of this old high school friends.

The night concluded at Andre’s West in Fenton. Every detail was beautiful. Angela and Dom’s family and friends were SO ready to celebrate them, and they did! Congratulations you two! Your day was perfect and so are you!

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Jason+Mary Jane+Parker+Emma Jane+Hannah Kate+Josiah. by Stephanie Bannon

What a stellar group! These guys are always a delight. I love watching these siblings interact. Their personalities bubble over and they are the sweetest!

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Jordan+Carolyn. by Stephanie Bannon

Nothing like a hot summer evening for and engagement session. 😊 The heat didn’t stop these two from having a good time. We found some super cool purple flowers and I learned these two can JUMP! Congratulations on your engagement! I can’t wait for your wedding next month and I’m sure you can’t either!

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Joel+Laura+Lily. by Stephanie Bannon

It’s no secret! I LOVE six month olds. They have the best little personalities and their faces are to die for. Just look at this little cutie!?!? Pretty sweet huh?!?!

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Doug+Linda+Emily+Ethan. by Stephanie Bannon

These guys have the best laughs and smiles EVER and its always SO fun seeing them all! Emily is getting ready to start 2nd grade and Ethan is heading off to Kindergarten in the fall. It is crazy how time flies and how fast these little guys grow up! The image below is from just three years ago!

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3 years ago

3 years ago

Mike+Meghan. by Stephanie Bannon

These guys were so fun! They love the outdoors, traveling and having fun! They ❤️ life and each other. I couldn’t have asked for a more willing couple. They could jump and life and move like no other!

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Drew+Britnee. by Stephanie Bannon

What a sweet pair! These two love and they love big! See those two cute pups?!? They were both from the SAME litter and they fostered them from when the puppies were itty bitty. They also have a serious love for Harry Potter. Raise your hand if you are a fellow fan! 🙋🏼 I know there are plenty! We ended the session with some fancy butter beers too! It was a perfect wrap up! Congratulations you two! I can’t wait for your November wedding!

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Randy+Stephanie+Emma. by Stephanie Bannon

One of my FAVORITE ages is 18 months. There is SO much independence trying to be expressed but still so much comfort and assistance needed from parents. Emma was full of independence! She had plans and goals! What a cutie! AND it was so fun to see and catch up with this couple after 5 years! Happy anniversary you two! Its CRAZY to think that 5 years ago you were in Vail getting married!

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Lainey Rose. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh, sweet girl, how you are loved. Newborn sessions are always fun. I love seeing how first time parents interact with their new little baby. There are nerves and stress but awe of this new little creature and of course, so much love. However, seeing a family who has done this “newborn thing” before and seeing new siblings interact is pretty priceless. The excitement in showing them off, the little touches, the new role of big sibling is so so cute. Don’t forget.

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Eric+Kim+Lincoln+Dominic. by Stephanie Bannon

If you bring a boy for a session and he is between the age of 7-11 years old there is a 90% chance that there will be dabbing and flossing. AND if there are two brothers that fall in the age group then the chances raise to 100%. No questions asked. :) Lucky for me, I have an 11 year old boy, SO I know ALL the Fortnight dances too which gives me much more credibility with them. 😜

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John+Jess+Emmett+Eli. by Stephanie Bannon

Boy! Oh! BOY! These guys are FUN! (and there Mama has the best ideas) :) These guys are special; each and every one of them. We go way back to John and Jess’s wedding. It’s ALWAYS good to see them and see how life is going. You guys are rocking’ this parenthood thing. Keep up the good work and enjoys those super sweet boys!

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Michael+Stephanie. by Stephanie Bannon

I’ve got news for you guys. IF you choose to have a March wedding it will probably rain, AND THAT’S NOT A BAD THING!!! This wedding day was beautiful and it rained from beginning to end. We made a plan, we changed the plan, AND it worked out AMAZING. I’m getting pretty good at this rainy day thing, if I do say so myself. 😉 We had a super day from the beginning to the very end….AND I’m pretty sure everyone else did too!

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Westin Hotel in St. Louis. The rooms were simple and modern and had plenty of room for everyone. We also had an amazing view of Busch Stadium. Everyone had a blast hanging out and prepping for the day. After a quick lunch everyone regrouped and headed downstairs for the ceremony. Family and friends gathered and Stephanie and Michael were soon married!

Because of the dropping cold temperatures and constant rain we opted for covered, easy to get to locations. We used areas around the hotel, a beautiful local seminary and the super hip Urban Chestnut Brewery to do the family and wedding party pictures….AND they did not disappoint.

The night concluded at the Anheuser Busch Bier Garden. It was the perfect venue! Before we entered the beautiful room Stephanie and Michael had a little fun with some Champagne bottles and their friends in front of the famous “B”! I’ve never seen champagne spray so well. 😂 The room had the most perfect string lights and couldn’t have been more perfect. The day was truly a day to be remembered! Congratulations you two!!

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From the Bride: “Hiring Stephanie (and Micah) as our wedding photographer was the best decision we made throughout the whole wedding planning process. I was immediately taken with Stephanie's talent for photography. The flawless way she transforms intimate moments into beautiful lasting images is unparalleled. BUT Stephanie was more than just our photographer. She went above and beyond what I ever could have asked from her. She always had on hand the small things that were needed, whether it be umbrellas, hand warmers, or much needed advice on how to bustle a dress! She was the driver of the day keeping our families and wedding party on time and happy for photos, even a very tired and grumpy ring bearer was laughing and smiling for pictures! She worked with me to make a timeline and for the day including places we would stop for pictures. However it rained ALL day, but before I even had time to panic or think about alternatives Stephanie already had a list of places we would go instead and I knew I could trust her judgement fully. If you are looking for a photographer that is all that and more, Stephanie is your girl!” ~Stephanie Hoffman