Eric+Kim+Lincoln+Dominic. by Stephanie Bannon

If you bring a boy for a session and he is between the age of 7-11 years old there is a 90% chance that there will be dabbing and flossing. AND if there are two brothers that fall in the age group then the chances raise to 100%. No questions asked. :) Lucky for me, I have an 11 year old boy, SO I know ALL the Fortnight dances too which gives me much more credibility with them. 😜

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John+Jess+Emmett+Eli. by Stephanie Bannon

Boy! Oh! BOY! These guys are FUN! (and there Mama has the best ideas) :) These guys are special; each and every one of them. We go way back to John and Jess’s wedding. It’s ALWAYS good to see them and see how life is going. You guys are rocking’ this parenthood thing. Keep up the good work and enjoys those super sweet boys!

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Michael+Stephanie. by Stephanie Bannon

I’ve got news for you guys. IF you choose to have a March wedding it will probably rain, AND THAT’S NOT A BAD THING!!! This wedding day was beautiful and it rained from beginning to end. We made a plan, we changed the plan, AND it worked out AMAZING. I’m getting pretty good at this rainy day thing, if I do say so myself. 😉 We had a super day from the beginning to the very end….AND I’m pretty sure everyone else did too!

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Westin Hotel in St. Louis. The rooms were simple and modern and had plenty of room for everyone. We also had an amazing view of Busch Stadium. Everyone had a blast hanging out and prepping for the day. After a quick lunch everyone regrouped and headed downstairs for the ceremony. Family and friends gathered and Stephanie and Michael were soon married!

Because of the dropping cold temperatures and constant rain we opted for covered, easy to get to locations. We used areas around the hotel, a beautiful local seminary and the super hip Urban Chestnut Brewery to do the family and wedding party pictures….AND they did not disappoint.

The night concluded at the Anheuser Busch Bier Garden. It was the perfect venue! Before we entered the beautiful room Stephanie and Michael had a little fun with some Champagne bottles and their friends in front of the famous “B”! I’ve never seen champagne spray so well. 😂 The room had the most perfect string lights and couldn’t have been more perfect. The day was truly a day to be remembered! Congratulations you two!!

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From the Bride: “Hiring Stephanie (and Micah) as our wedding photographer was the best decision we made throughout the whole wedding planning process. I was immediately taken with Stephanie's talent for photography. The flawless way she transforms intimate moments into beautiful lasting images is unparalleled. BUT Stephanie was more than just our photographer. She went above and beyond what I ever could have asked from her. She always had on hand the small things that were needed, whether it be umbrellas, hand warmers, or much needed advice on how to bustle a dress! She was the driver of the day keeping our families and wedding party on time and happy for photos, even a very tired and grumpy ring bearer was laughing and smiling for pictures! She worked with me to make a timeline and for the day including places we would stop for pictures. However it rained ALL day, but before I even had time to panic or think about alternatives Stephanie already had a list of places we would go instead and I knew I could trust her judgement fully. If you are looking for a photographer that is all that and more, Stephanie is your girl!” ~Stephanie Hoffman

Tracy+Ryan. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh man, these two are the cutest. It’s always fun to do sessions at locations I’m not super familiar with. It forces me to think and really be looking for the best spots. When we did this session it was SO windy and chilly outside and the greenhouses were really packed. The light was beautiful and so was the location, which left us with some little challenges, BUT challenges make things better. Tracy and Ryan were so patient and trusting. We came up with a game plan and everything turned out perfectly. Their June wedding is going to be a blast! I can’t wait!

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Caroline. by Stephanie Bannon

This little girl was a HOOT. She made the BEST faces and was so relaxed the entire time. She also rocked her headband like no other! I was reminded how much I love six month olds. It’s the perfect time between newborn and toddler. The curiosity and new found independence of sitting is the BEST! I can’t wait to see you when you turn the big ONE this summer.

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AJ. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh this little guy was so sweet! He was so relaxed and calm and CUTE! So so cute! It is ALWAYS fun getting to see a couple’s story unfold. I photographed Stephanie and Mark’s wedding in 2015, then their first daughter in a few years ago and now AJ. How time flies and it is crazy how life changes so quickly!

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Mark+Abby+Desmond. by Stephanie Bannon

It seems like the first weekend in December is always a pretty one! I’m thankful we got a decent day for this little cutie!

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Justin+Meghann. by Stephanie Bannon

You know what I loved about this couple? I loved how much they had fun with each other. They laughed and truly had a good time together. I also loved how relaxed and easy going they were. The wedding party was hungry so they just walked to the gas station across from the church and came back with bags of food. The bride’s feet hurt so she took off her shoes during pictures. Any issue that a rose they solved with flexibility and a smile. Their goal was to get married and enjoy the ride and that’s exactly what they did. They were a super team and they worked together to make their day a success! Congratulations you two!

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Matt+Amanda+Sydney+Graham. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh my goodness this little guy was perfect! He was so SO good, in every way! It was a struggle to not let Sydney steal the show though! She was full of personality and energy and so fun to photograph! I don’t know what it is about these guys but they are an all time favorite, even before kids. Way back before these two kiddos made their appearances I photographed Amanda and Matts wedding. It was an all time favorite and this newborn session might just be up there as well! It’s always great seeing this family!

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Family. by Stephanie Bannon

When a big life change like selling your house and moving is in the near future there is no better idea then to plan a photo session in your home so you can remember it. That’s just what this family decided to do and I couldn’t back this idea more! After all, it’s were this little family went from two and then became four. Mom and Dad will probably remember this house perfectly but these two little girls won’t in a few years. What better gift to gift your child with then pictures of their soon to be past.

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Joe+Kelly. by Stephanie Bannon

I typically only get to meet a couple once before an engagement session and its usually a formal meeting with a table in between us and a whole lot of questions being asked. I don’t “really” get to know them (and visa versa) until the engagement session. (side note: that why they are in ALL my packages) SO I never know what to expect…especially if the groom wasn’t able to attend the first meeting, like in this case. However, from the moment these guys got out of their car I knew they were going to be fun. There were jokes and stories and a whole lot of laughs! They were willing to do anything. We were a team, AND that’s my goal. Team work. That’s the best way to get killer images and that’s just what we did!

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Ken+Erin+Ella+Addie+Andrew. by Stephanie Bannon

These guys are the best! Hanging out with them is ALWAYS a good time. Ella and Addie could entertain me for days! They are FULL of personality. Andrew is at the perfect age…he’s full of energy, curiosity and cuteness, AND those curls are to die for. :)

Joe+Katie. by Stephanie Bannon

The day started at a pretty Catholic Church, which was actually the church Katie went to school at. The church wedding coordinator had been Katie’s kindergarten teacher, which was such a fun little detail. These two decided to wait and see each other for the first time as Katie walked down the long aisle. Katie’s smile stretched across her face and Joe’s eyes were locked on his soon to be wife.

After the ceremony we headed to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The day was over cast and a little chilly which ended up being perfect. There were less people at the gardens which allowed us to take pictures where ever we liked.

After pictures at the gardens we headed back to St. Charles to Old Hickory Golf Club. The wedding party loaded into the party bus we followed behind them. Half way back the bus began driving really slowly and had to exit the highway. We followed them and realized the bus had broken down. We had limited time to make it back to the reception so we improvised. You gotta do what you gotta do! SO we loaded the bride and groom in my car, loaded a few others in the second photographer’s car and called an Uber for the rest! Katie and Joe were so flexible and had the best attitudes the entire time. They were positive and totally went with the flow. This little “hiccup” could have been a huge stress and possibly ruined the day but we fixed the problem, stayed happy and continued on. We got to the reception right on time and no one even realized there was a little hiccup in the day! The reception began on time and everyone had a blast! Katie and Joe are a super couple and the day was a blast! Congratulations you two!

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Tim+Mandy+Felix+Lucia+Oscar. by Stephanie Bannon

It’s always fun taking pictures of friends, and these guys are some good ones!

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Glenn+Michelle+Harrison+Graham. by Stephanie Bannon

There is nothing like brothers! These guys are a hoot! The stories, faces and interactions together are the BEST!!! 😁

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Dante+Dana+Leo+Lucy. by Stephanie Bannon

These two siblings are the sweetest! They love each other and have so much fun together! I can’t wait see all the adventures that await the two of you!

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Jason+Amanda+Jack+Olivia. by Stephanie Bannon

I LOVE these outfits! Jack always looks like a sophisticated young man and Miss Olivia can work some faux fur like no other! She’s turned in to a real toddler since I saw her last and she couldn’t be more fun! It’ crazy how much these two have changed in a short year! Stop growing you two! :)

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Matt+Kristen+Kate+Ann. by Stephanie Bannon

Kate has always been fun to photograph! I’ve photographed her since she was born. She has the best laugh and personality, BUT now there is Ann and every time is see her she gets more and more fun. She’s pretty perfect. She speaks with her eyes and those wind blow curls are pretty great.

Mike+Susan+Jack+Emily. by Stephanie Bannon

Oh, Jack and Emily, you have the best smiles! Your faces and laughs are the best!

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Joe+Melissa+Ethan+Audrey+Adelaide. by Stephanie Bannon

It was a perfect fall evening and these guys were a hoot! Ethan and Audrey always have the best stories to tell me and their baby sister is a doll! It’s always fun hanging with this crew!

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