Oh man, these two were the sweetest! It's always SO nice when families know each other and love each other and these families go WAY back!

Julie and Austin's parents were in each others weddings. In fact, Julie and Austin were born days apart and grew up together. 

Their wedding party was the best! You would have thought these guys were famous based on the amount of people who knew them and honked as they drove by while we were taking pictures in downtown Washington. Oh, and side note, Austin has the BEST laugh! 

Their reception was filled with beautiful treats made by their family and friends. It was so clear how loved these two were. One of Julie's sisters gave a tear filled toast and Austin's groomsman gave the best back story on these two ever! The day was perfect! Congratulations you two!

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There two couldn't be more opposite. They are both SO fun in their own ways and I LOVE their faces, their laughs and their energy! What a sweet pair!

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These guys remind we why I LOVE photographing kids. Like always, they were so fun to hang out with and their personalities were HUGE. My favorite!

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These guys are getting married next month! Congratulations to you two, I can't wait for your big day!

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Holy Moly! Beautiful light and perfect couple right here. Angela has the prettiest face ever, am I right?!? Actually, I know I'm right. She's just SO stinkin' cute, and then there's Dominick. You see, he likes to give me a hard time. He attempted to be the star of this shoot and I had to put him in his place. He's a hoot and I LOVE that. Nothing better, and he couldn't have been more fun. I can't wait for their wedding day in 2019! (That's right! I'm booinking 2019 NOW so don't delay!) Side note: The more I mess with you the more I like you and these guys got messed with. :) Thanks for a super fun evening you two! It truly was a blast!


This wedding started out at the Chase Park Plaza. The bride and groom got ready and headed off to the church for their first look. 

They wanted to see each other before the ceremony but they also wanted the chance to see each other at the aisle for the first time. They met at the church and Ryan waited at the front for his soon to be wife. She made her entrance and walked all the way down the long aisle. After they chatted for a bit and nerves were calmed the wedding day festivities began.

The day was perfect and the sun was shinning. We went to a few locations for pictures. The wedding party was top notch and so much fun!

The day concluded back at the Chase Park Plaza. The room was gorgeous and they couldn't wait to get the party started. We did sneak out side for a bit, to the roof top, for some killer sunset pictures. The night was a blast and I'm pretty sure the day couldn't have been more perfect. Congratulations you two!

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The perfect spring day welcomed this wedding. The sun was shinning and the ground was dry which was a nice change in this 2018 spring. Silver Oaks Chateau was ready for the festivities to begin and so was Caitlyn and Trent.

The ceremony took place on the back patio and these two were married by Caitlyn's brother. 

Caitlyn and Trent were referred to me by several of their closest friends, whose weddings I photographed, which is always a huge compliment.  (So a huge THANK YOU to them!) It also makes the day so much fun! This group was a blast and full of laughs.

The night ended with a beautifully decorated reception that was filled with family and friends. These two couldn't be more loved. Congratulations you two!

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These guys are hoot! I think I first met this bunch when Emmett was a fresh new little one, so they've been around for a while. I LOVE how much personality they have and how their faces show their exact personalities. I love some personality filled kids! 😁

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Oh baby.

Welcome to this world little guy! I'm pretty sure your family couldn't be more in love!

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These guys have been on the blog a lot lately! :) There was a new baby in December and a wedding a year before that. The cousins and in laws were all included and I'm pretty sure these guys couldn't like each other more! 

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Brothers! These two have the best smiles and couldn't have made this session more fun. We played and laughed and it flew by! What fun!

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Guys, you will never regret bringing some extra family members along for your session. NEVER. Oh, and parents aren't the only ones who can come. See that super cute lady at the top in the middle?!? Well, she kind of stole the show. That is great grandma and she was the best. Don't forget the  special people in your lives, bring them.

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Boy, oh, boy this little guy is a sweetie. It took a little bit for him to warm up but once he did there was no stopping his curiosity and that cute little smile! We had a blast hanging out and it's always fun to see this bunch. Happy birthday little guy!

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Meet Liz and Tyler. These two opted for a first look and it was just about the sweetest thing ever. Nerves began to flare up but once they saw each other their excitement was contagious and they were ready to get the day going.

Their wedding took place at the Holiday Inn in Eureka. The hotel was huge and had a castle like feel. The day was cold and dreary but nothing was going to get these two down. 

There was a huge beautiful field behind the hotel and although spring hadn't quite sprung the colors were gorgeous. It rained the entire day so overhangs and umbrellas were our best friends and this group had smiles on their faces the entire time. 

The ceremony was a blast! The kids were rockin' the dance floor and everyone was having a super time; even grandma. I'm pretty sure these two could be surrounded and loved by a better group. Congratulations you two!

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These guys right here are pretty fun! I remember pulling up at this family's home for Savannah's newborn session. She was itty bitty. It's crazy how fast time sneaks by. Since that session there has been a lot of changes; a brother and a new home, just to name a few. Watching people grow and change is one of the best parts about this job. I get to see a little part of their story and that is always and honor.

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This is a special bunch. I first met then in 2013. They were planning a wedding and I was photographing it. A lot has happened since then. I waited with John at a hotel as he nervously waited to see his bride. I waited at the hospital with them when they anxiously waited for their first son to be born. I waited with them as they comforted their boy when he fell and scrapped his nose all up during family photos, and most recently, I waited while they welcomed their newest son, Eli, to their family. I'm honored that they trust me enough to let me into some of their most special times and save little glimpses of it. This is why I love what I do. I love the people and the relationships. I love seeing them change and grow. AND I love that I can save a little glimpse of some of their most precious times in their lives for them.

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During Jeff's spring break we were able to fit in an engagement session AND they couldn't have gotten a prettier day! I love finally meeting and getting to know couples a little bit before their wedding day. I mean, who wants a stranger in their face all day. :) Well, these to were so fun and they were so fun together. I can't wait for their June wedding! OH, and Jeff, that first picture up on the top left is just for you! 😉 Congratulations you two, I'll see you in June!

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Happy Birthday to Olivia! Holy Moly did her cake smell good! We started off at this family's home and then we ventured off to the great outdoors for a change of scenery. It just so happened to be the one "almost" warm day in March. 😉 These two cuties had some ups and downs but man those smiles and cuddles that came hand in hand were pretty priceless. Happy birthday sweet girl!

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